Rochester Rising uses sustaining memberships to make this platform exactly that. Sustainable. Our sustaining memberships are run through a crowdfunding website called Patreon. Patreon is like platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo that use crowdfunding, or methods to raise small amounts of money from multiple different people, to bring an idea to life.

Patreon is used mostly by creatives. People making art, writing, creating books, developing plays, and recording podcasts. However, Patreon crowdfunding campaigns don’t end in thirty or sixty days. They keep going until the creator, Rochester Rising in this case, stops them.

Rochester Rising uses Patreon to deliver online, exclusive content in a subscription-like model to sustaining members.

Sustaining members can pledge anywhere from $1 to $25 per month. In return, members receive access to online content, through Patreon, that nobody else sees. The content varies from week to week. But it always includes a weekly teaser for an upcoming story. Sometimes it’s early access to a major story. And other times it’s a raw blog post or photo that enhances a Rochester Rising story or gives a behind the scenes peek that week.

Sustaining members can also receive Rochester Rising coffee mugs, T-shirts, and deeply discounted advertisement for startups and emerging businesses. In addition to receiving these incentives, sustaining members also know they helped to champion Rochester’s entrepreneurs.

Why do we need sustaining members?

Sustaining memberships bring in one more revenue stream to help move Rochester Rising closer to becoming a permanent part of Rochester’s entrepreneurial community. Currently, Rochester Rising is one person, me. Although I have hopes to eventually grow and add more people to the team, right now it’s just one person trying to make this survive and cause some change.

Even looking back to the almost ten months that this platform has existed, it’s unbelievable how far it’s come. But there’s still more ground to cover. Sustaining memberships help to keep Rochester Rising alive. They also help to reduce dependency on advertising, creating more time for content development to support our emerging entrepreneurs.


Not ready to make a monthly commitment?

Make a one time contribution to Rochester Rising.

Every single donation helps to make Rochester Rising a lasting way to promote and chronicle the rise of entrepreneurship in Rochester.