Celebrate Pi Day with Twin Cities Entrepreneurial Communities

Pi Day- a day near and dear to any mathematician- is right around the corner.  Pi Day celebrates the mathematical constant Pi , the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter.  The first three significant digits of Pi are 3.14, making March 14th (3/14) the perfect day for festivity.

Seem weird?  That’s because Pi Day is strange…and geeky.  “[Pi Day]’s the height of nerdiness,” explains CoCreateX catalyst Ben Ihde.  “It’s like Thanksgiving for nerds,” says another catalyst Mac Cameron.

Why not just harness Pi Day and celebrate your inner geek?  Although, it’s probably best not to celebrate an event like Pi Day alone.

CoCreateX- a Saint Paul based group that harnesses the power of the community to help others realize their creative potential- is celebrating Pi Day in style.  The group is hosting Big Pi Day in possibly the best location ever- the Twin Cities Trapeze Center. 

This year Pi Day falls on a Monday.  Monday’s just are not meant to be holidays.  So CoCreateX and other like-minded Twin Cities communities will celebrate Pi Day on Saturday, March 12th.

This upcoming Saturday, five community partners- including CoLab, Mad Scientists, diyBio, MAV Meetup, and Tesla Works- will hold Pi Day events throughout the day, “showcasing quad copters, trebuchets, and sequencing of the genome,” says Ben Ihde, to touch on just a few of the day’s activities.

On Saturday evening, these communities, along with many others, will come together at Twin Cities Trapeze to cap off the celebration with CoCreateX’s Big Pi Day night.  One of the CoCreaters will even stun the crowd on the flying trapeze!

Big Pi Day will also feature art, music, and local food.  Plus, of course, flying acrobatics.  There might possibly be no better way to celebrate a day dedicated to a mathematical constant.

All nerdiness aside, Big Pi Night will focus communities within the Twin Cities and the power and possibilities harnessed within these groups to fuel individual innovation.

These communities, and the support they offer, would not be possible without dedicated, passionate organizers.  “Being a community organizer is really, really difficult.  Community organizers create an enormous amount of value for lots and lots of people,” explains CoCreateX catalyst Nick Powley.

Big Pi Day will not only celebrate these individual Twin Cities communities but will “highlight the contributions of community organizers to our city,” says Nick.

The group is doing things a little differently for Big Pi Day.  No one has to supply any personal information or email address to register for the event.  Individuals just need to say they will attend and indicate if they will bring any guests.  That’s it.

“It’s really about bringing people together, creating that experience, and inspiring people to participate in all of the wonderful things these community organizers have been doing for them. […] This year’s Pi Day is really about giving thanks for communities, their organizers, and all of the wonderful people of the Twin Cities who’ve been so supportive of those types of groups,” explains Nick.

You can always celebrate Pi Day alone by eating Pi inspired foods like pizza, chicken pot pie, or of course, good old pie, or running 3.14 miles.  But why not step out and try on one of these communities on for size?  Interact with some like-minded innovators, nerds or not.  It’s the perfect opportunity to try something new. 

Why eat pie alone?  CoCreateX will have enough for you and 199 of your new friends.

Check out bigpiday.com to learn more about the CoCreateX event and location.

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