Commercial and Industrial Opportunities in Stewartville: Schumann, Tebay, and Bucknell Business Parks

Last week, we talked about the economic opportunities and business development initiatives in nearby Stewartville, Minnesota.

Did you know that Stewartville also houses three commercial and industrial business parks with acreage for sale?


Schumann Business Park

Schumann Business Park.

The first of these areas, Schumann Business Park, lies within the northern city limits of Stewartville. Schumann Park has prime location; it’s only three miles from the Rochester International Airport and is close to both Interstate 90 and US Highway 63. The City of Stewartville has a close partnership with the Henry and Luella Schumann family to develop portions of the family’s property, including an additional one hundred seventeen acres, which could be added to the park. The acreage in Schumann Park could be utilized for either commercial or industrial purposes and can be divided into any size plots. The front lots in the park are certified shovel-ready by the state of Minnesota, meaning they are ready to build on. All the planning and zoning, property surveillance, infrastructure additions, et cetera have been completed. The park is currently occupied by FedEx Ground, Kwik Trip, Schwickert’s Roofing and Mechanical, and MN Medical Technologies.


Tebay Industrial Park

Tebay Industrial Park.

The second park, Tebay Industrial Park, is near Schumann in the Stewartville northern city limits. Tebay is Stewartville’s very first industrial park and is in close proximity to Halcon, Geotek, and the available Bard facilities. Tebay park is approximately forty acres in size, with about seventeen vacant acres open for development.


Bucknell Industrial Park

Bucknell Industrial Park.

The final business park in Stewartville, Bucknell Industrial Park, is located in within the southern portion of Stewartville’s city limits. Currently, Bucknell has one tenant, Boe Electric. An additional four acres of land is available for development within the park.


For more information about these three business parks, check out the City of Stewartville website.