Diverge Part 2.1: The M.D. Turned Yoga and Meditation Instructor

Welcome to the second installment of our brand new “Diverge” series, where we tell the stories of four Rochester entrepreneurs who left long careers to pursue their passions. 

 This next portion of the series shares the journey of yoga, barre, and meditation teacher Rosei Skipper of Rosei Skipper Yoga and Wellness.

This series was made possible by Rochester Home Infusionthe only in-home infusion provider in Southern Minnesota.


“When it came down to the day to day job, it wasn’t the kind of work that I wanted to be doing,” explained Rosei Skipper, a trained medical doctor, yoga, barre, and meditation instructor in Rochester, Minn.

Rosei spent four years obtaining her medical degree at the University of Alabama School of Medicine and then completed a five-year residency program at Mayo Clinic in Child and Adult Psychiatry. However, for someone with a lifelong interest in physical activity, she was spending most of her time in front of a computer or on the phone.

“I loved my patients. I love the relationships that I had with them. But sometimes I didn’t feel like, in my day to day life, I was helping people in all of the ways that I wanted to,” she explained.

By the time her residency ended, Rosei felt it was time for a drastic change in her career. Initially, she laid out one year for herself to just try out a new path and see what took shape. No matter the outcome, she knew she would always have her medical degree and training.

Her path since that point has continuously evolved but has centered around yoga, wellness, and meditation. She began this journey teaching barre- a ballet-inspired workout- at a small studio in downtown Rochester. Afterwards, she pursued a nine-month yoga instructor training program.

“And then, over time, other things just came out of that,” she explained.

Soon, she began running social media for a barre fitness and yoga studio in Rochester, which she said has been a nice side gig to supplement her instruction. Very recently, she started offering private and group yoga and meditation classes through her own business, Rosei Skipper Yoga and Wellness.

Before stepping away from medicine, Rosei said she mulled over the potential next steps for a lengthy time.

“It was hard to be patient, but you have to spend a certain amount of time, I think, just contemplating and investigating your options,” she explained.

In addition to her BarreAmped Certification and yoga teacher training courses, Rosei’s constantly refining her teaching and social media skills by consuming and absorbing as much information as possible through reading, podcasts, and videos.

“Anything that I do, I’m going to try and do it as well as I can,” she explained.

Uncertainty is a new challenge she’s had to face throughout this new phase in her career. During her time in medical school, she explained, her path and expectations were clearly defined.

“When you’re doing your own thing, of course, it’s really different. Every day things change a little bit for me. And some things work out, and other things, not so much,” she explained. As a result, she’s become increasingly more comfortable not knowing what her path will look like another year down the road.

Rosei said she was lucky to be able to make this change in her life, which she acknowledged is not the case for everyone unhappy with their current situation. At times, she still experiences days seeped in frustration.

“Those days get fewer and further in-between, thank goodness. But there are still moments when I’m like, what am I doing? Why am I not just sitting in an office right now, doing the normal thing?” she explained.

For others looking to make an adjustment in their lives, Rosei said you don’t necessarily have to make a big change to begin moving in a different direction. She advises learning more and more about what you want to do, and then to start practicing it. And if people around you say that you can’t follow your desired path or that it’s not practical, she said to surround yourself with different people who can help you grow.

“Because it’s your life. You can do anything that you want,” she explained.