First Collider Community Event to be Held this Wednesday

The very first, FREE Collider Community event takes place this Wednesday evening from 6-8PM in Collider Core.

Here is the official announcement:

We are excited to host our first official Collider Community event on Wednesday night.  A few years ago, BioAM had a fantastic event that helped to solidify the community by inviting entrepreneurs and community members to join us for a brainstorming session on how we could grow the community.  Now that the community is three years along, we would like to do another event centered around how we should continue to grow our entrepreneurial community.  We would love to see anyone interested in entrepreneurship, placemaking, and small business attend and help continue the conversation for the next three years.


  • Welcome to Collider Core - Jamie Sundsbak
  • Rochester Rising - Amanda Leightner 
  • Activity - How do we continue to build the entrepreneurial/small business community of Rochester?
  • Discussion
  • Networking


Please consider taking some time this Wednesday evening to interact with like-minded individuals in the community to help us strengthen Rochester's entrepreneurial and small business environment in a grassroots manner.

We will be doing some Facebook living streaming of the event on the Rochester Rising Facebook page for those who cannot attend that night.

Click here for more information and registration details.