Guide to the Rochester Entrepreneurial Community Part 1: Rochester Meetup Groups

Being new to any city can be intimidating. If you’re coming in with a startup or small business, it can be difficult to know how to get involved with or learn about the already existing business community. Or, if you are interested in the startup and entrepreneurial scene, sometimes it’s difficult to know how to access the community even if you’ve been living in a city for years.

I recently came across an amazing resource called “Comprehensive Guide to the Minneapolis/St. Paul Startup and Tech Scene” by Aleckson Nyamwaya. It’s definitely worth reading through and bookmarking in your browser for future reference. We’ve toyed around with the idea of doing something like this for a long time, so it’s finally time to do it. We need a guide to the entrepreneurial community of Rochester.

Similar to the materials Nyamwaya put together, there are many ever evolving pieces to this puzzle. But the best place to start is right at the beginning, with the people who make the community.

Here are the small business and entrepreneurial meetup groups of Rochester, Minnesota.

  1. PyRochesterMN- This group of Python Programming enthusiasts meets monthly to discuss anything related to Python. They meet the 4th Thursday of every month.
  2. Byolincs- This group teaches and encourages entrepreneurial-minded scientists and physicians. They meet every other Thursday at noon to discuss life science entrepreneurial trends and hear from local bioscience entrepreneurs.
  3. RESTful Responsive Web- This group is based on learning by doing and uses a RESTfull (Representational State Transfer) software based style to work through example applications. 
  4. Southeast Minnesota Wordpress Group- This group meets on the second Monday of every month to talk about the website creation platform WordPress.  Their next meetup is Monday April 11th at the Minnesota School of Business.
  5. Rochester Entrepreneurial Network- REN is an original Rochester meetup group.  REN is a group of entrepreneurs who believe that a strong innovation network is key to driving economic development in Rochester.
  6. UX Design Matters- This group of User Experience and Interaction Design enthusiasts meets the first Saturday of every month for a coding and design workshop.
  7. The Commission- This group provides a platform and voice for the young professionals of Rochester and works to develop and implement sustainable programs in the city. 


  1. A Twin Cities based group of innovators and entrepreneurs passionate about healthcare.
  2. CoCreateX- A Saint Paul-based group of innovators that connects people and resources to make ideas happen. The group also has a workshop and lab space for makers and entrepreneurs.

Are we missing any entrepreneurial groups in Rochester? Please leave them in the comments below.