Guide to the Rochester Entrepreneurial Community Part Two: Entrepreneurial Newsletters

Today, we continue our guide to the entrepreneurial community of Rochester with Part Two. Here are the best newsletters to follow for the latest business and innovation information from Rochester and the surrounding communities.

1.     TECHdotMN Newsletter. Delivers weekly news from the Minneapolis and Saint Paul tech and startup ecosystem.

2.     Collider Newsletter. Not just for tenants of the coworking facility, this weekly newsletter delivers the latest events and news from the entrepreneurial ecosystem of Rochester.

3.     Rochester Rising Newsletter. Our own weekly newsletter delivers links to all the stories of entrepreneurship and small business on Rochester Rising for the week and connects to our monthly entrepreneurial event calendar.

4.     Mayo Clinic Business Accelerator Newsletter. Subscribe to stay up to date with the latest events and news updates from the Mayo Clinic Business Accelerator.

5.     Destination Medical Center Newsletter. Get on this mailing list to receive the latest news from the largest economic development initiative in the history of Minnesota.

6.     Medical Alley Association Newsletters. Medical Alley Association, Minnesota’s leading resource for health tech companies, has several different newsletters covering Medical Alley events, weekly news updates, and the latest intelligence from Minnesota’s health tech industries.

7.     Startup Digest MSP. Delivers a weekly list of all entrepreneurial events in Minneapolis/St. Paul.