How to Grow a Web-Based Business with Rochester MN Moms Blog's Becky Montpetit

I recently got to pick the brain of Becky Montpetit, Founder of Rochester MN Moms Blog, and learn techniques she has used to successfully grow and raise awareness of her business. Rochester MN Moms Blog began just over one year ago as a parenting website that’s dedicated to Rochester, Minnesota and our community of mothers.  


1.     What has been the most successful way you have found to quickly raise brand awareness?

One of the best ways I have found to grow brand awareness was to utilize the networks that I already had.  I spoke to organizations I was already involved in, or organizations my friends were involved in.  I engaged professional networks to convey our mission and goals.  Besides that, I simply continuously provided trustworthy, timely and relevant information on a very consistent basis.  


2.     What techniques has Rochester MN Moms Blog used to gain customers (or readers in your case)?      

One of the best ways we have found to gain readers in our community is to figure out what information they are looking for and provide creative and enticing ways to provide that information.  A helpful way to do this is to create reader polls to ask what they need or what information they had access to.  In some cases, the information may already exist but it's just not so easy to access. We work on bridging that gap.


3.     What techniques have you found to be successful to grow a Facebook audience?

Consistency is key.  At any given point, your readers only see 1/4 to 1/3 of what you post.  So if you post once a day on Facebook...the chances are quite good they will not even see the fantastic content you are producing simply due to Facebook algorithms. The more we post relevant, timely, and trustworthy information, the more readers will engage with our content therefore expanding our reach and effectively growing our audience.


4. What web-based service do you use to manage your business?

Great question!  My team relies on Trello for effective communication and implementation of goals. I also use HoneyBook for building proposals and sending and receiving agreement and invoices.  I also use Slack on the City Moms Blog Network National team (I am the social media coordinator for the City Moms Blog Network).