My Open Letter To Our Entrepreneurial Community


I want to start by saying that I am proud to be a member of this city’s entrepreneurial community. Over the past four years of working with our entrepreneurs I’ve been inspired, motivated, and at times even sustained by the passion, drive, and creativity of this community.

Building Rochester Rising has been an unimaginable experience for me. It’s opened me up to a number of people in Rochester who are pushing boundaries and making their own way, for which I am truly grateful. But as any entrepreneur knows, being “all-in” in an entrepreneurial endeavor is extremely trying. While I know that Rochester Rising has made real impact in the community, it has been an immense financial struggle. There’s no experience quite like launching into a panic at the grocery store while calculating out the cost of your food for the week, wondering how you’re going to pay for a handful of bills, or living out an extremely stressful existence just figuring out how to survive financially.

For me, I know that this struggle has been worth it to create this platform, connect with the community, and learn and grow myself. But building Rochester Rising has also spurred many different opportunities, including a new role for myself in the community to help develop programming and resources to help our entrepreneurs succeed.

To pursue this path, I have to step back a bit from Rochester Rising to fully immerse in this new endeavor. Rochester Rising is not going away. I would continue to push forward with this platform, despite the hurdles, if I did not think this new position was an invaluable opportunity for myself to learn and grow as an individual and to create more things of lasting value in the community. You will continue to see me typing away and running around with my recording equipment in the evenings and weekends to continue to develop new stories about our entrepreneurs.

I am so proud to be a part of this community and am dedicated to helping it succeed.

As part of my step back from creating as much content here, I’m asking the community for help.

This platform was always meant to be a voice for all sectors of entrepreneurship in our community. It can only be strengthened by adding more voices. Please, if you are already writing and creating content related to business development, related to innovation, related to our entrepreneurs, consider sending it here for potential publication to help strengthen and diversify this platform.

We have always accepted press releases and opinion pieces related to this entrepreneurial community. Now, I’m just asking you for more to help Rochester Rising keep chugging forward to make this a lasting place to amplify the stories of our entrepreneurs.

For more information about how you can contribute, please take a look at our guidelines for submissions.