Press Release: Adapta, Formerly Wing House, Corp., Announces Launch of New Name and Website


Rochester, MN - Adapta is excited to announce the launch of their new name, new look, new website, and the addition of resources for individuals living with symptoms of brain injury & mental health conditions. The new name clears up confusion about their services, but most importantly, it sets the tone for how the organization runs with the additional locations. Adapta aims to help all individuals live a life without limits. The official launch date for the website is September 14, 2018.

Adapta believes people begin to heal the moment they feel heard. Adapta’s individualized services allow people to live in a supportive environment while having unlimited access to the community and resources. Adapta strongly believes individuals do best when they have choice in their living environment. Because of this, Adapta expanded their service options. With both 245D licensed services and a Customized Living option, Adapta can provide services in a variety of locations and ways. Adapta has been successful in preventing individuals from requiring a more restrictive environment at a much more cost-effective rate.

Executive Director, Kasi Haglund, LSW states “We were on the verge of closing due to Minnesota’s reimbursement policy changes, which could have resulted in some residents being placed in a more restrictive and costly environment. After working closely with the Department of Human Services, Wing House was given a second chance due to the success of our program. At that point, we decided to move forward with a fresh look and the decision to share our story with the community.”

Along with the roll-out of the new brand and website, Adapta has created a short brand video showing the impact of their services through the eyes of a resident. As one resident stated, “My brain injury took my life away. Adapta gave it back to me.” It can be viewed here:

Adapta is important to the people of Rochester because our program is a safe and supportive environment for our residents at a fraction of the cost to taxpayers. For example, a day at a more restrictive, alternative local facility can cost upwards of ten times more, most of which is significantly supported by taxpayer dollars. Adapta is not only a better solution for our residents, it is a more fiscally sustainable model for taxpayers.