Press Release: TEDxZumbroRiver Announces Big Plans for the 2018 Experience - 3 Salons!


ROCHESTER, Minn. — TEDxZumbroRiver announces a Salon Series for 2018.

The TEDxZumbroRiver organizers have spent the off season going to TEDx “School,” talking with other TEDx Organizers, and attending other TEDx events throughout the country. Because of the thirst for TEDx content in this area, TEDxZumbroRiver will be bringing TEDx Salons to Southeast Minnesota for 2018.

Salons will take the place of the traditional single large event in 2018, and 2019 will see the return of one large event. Salons are specialty TEDx events that require a license from TED, which was granted to TEDxZumbroRiver organizers Ben Creo and Barb Spurrier earlier this month.

Ben Creo had this to say: “The TEDxZumbroRiver planning team began discussing a three-series salon format for 2018 back in Fall 2017. The team unanimously agreed that making 2018 the year of salons is something our fan base will really enjoy. They are excited for the possibilities and creativity salons provide through unique venues, audience participation opportunities and topics.”

Here’s what attendees experience at these highly popular TEDx Salons:

● Format: The TEDxZumbroRiver team is planning unique and engaging formats to enhance the experience in a manner we’ve never before experienced.

● Lively Discussions: A critical element of salons is lively discussions, allowing attendees to actively participate in the event.

● Size: With smaller audiences than a standard TEDx event, salons bring attendees together in more intimate spaces, providing more chances to get to know and exchange ideas.

● The Single Subject: Having the ability to focus on one subject creates a focused audience and atmosphere.

TEDxZumbroRiver salons will be smaller and have a more intimate audience (100-200 rather than 1,000), shorter programs, more creative formats, a smaller ticket price, and speakers with single-topic themes with opportunities for audience engagement/participation.

The TEDxZumbroRiver Salon experience will be a series of three salons held throughout the year and will lead up to another grand event in 2019.

The First Salon is scheduled for May 10th, 2018.