Questions with SCORE: Meet Your New Mentor

Today we continue our “Questions with SCORE” series, talking more about the benefits of using the completely free SCORE business development program, with a focus on mentor matching and business plan writing.

Today on the video with speak with local SCORE Mentor Stephen Troutman, a former U.S. Naval Reserve Commanding Officer who holds an MBA in Entrepreneurship and Venture Management from the University of Southern California.

SCORE is a completely free small business service that was formed in 1964 and is supported by the Small Business Administration. SCORE has over 11,000 mentors nation-wide across 300 different chapters. The local chapter, SCORE Southeast Minnesota, has twenty-five different mentors spanning multiple different industries. The acronym SCORE previously stood for “Service Corp of Retired Executives.” However, this name is now defunct as SCORE has incorporated many mentors still in business, as well as retired professionals, to increase the value of their service. 

SCORE Southeast Minnesota has particular interest in connecting with the local innovation and entrepreneurial community.

Throughout this series, SCORE Southeast Minnesota will be taking your questions about business development or how SCORE can be of value to your business endeavors. If you have questions for SCORE, please leave them in the comments below.

“If you’re an entrepreneur thinking about starting a business, you can talk to us. If you’re someone who’s been in business for a while and wants somebody to come and talk to you how to improve your business, you can talk to us.” -Stephen Troutman, Mentor with SCORE Southeast Minnesota