Rochester Rising Releases First Magazine to Amplify Stories of Entrepreneurship

Welcome to the first magazine edition of Rochester Rising. Rochester Rising was created last July to amplify the stories of entrepreneurship and innovation occurring in the Rochester, Minn. area through original, in-depth content. We aim to tell the stories that weren't being told and show that Rochester has a young, but emerging and diverse entrepreneurial community.

Each week we put out several articles, one podcast, and the occasional video to tell these stories.

Link up with us on iTunes, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, in our weekly newsletter, and on our webpage ( to never miss a story. If you are a business looking to support a mission like ours or to connect with startups and entrepreneurs, we are always looking for community partners to help support this platform through advertisement and sponsorship.

As with most things we do, this first magazine is a test, a hypothesis, to try and share these stories of entrepreneurship and risk taking with as many people as possible. Please pass along this publication to help us amplify the innovation taking place right now within our city. If you would prefer a PDF, please contact us to receive one.  We also have placed several print copies out into the Rochester community. If you would like some at your place of business, please also send us an email

This publication includes the majority of the stories that were published on Rochester Rising during Summer 2017. We hope this is an effective method to begin to catalog and document entrepreneurial activity and the stories of innovation within this city.