#Emerge Episode 27 with Crystal and Jim Whitmarsh

Today on #Emerge we sit down with local entrepreneurs Crystal and Jim Whitmarsh. This husband and wife team own Trail Creek Coffee Roasters, a business that was built by a garage, a vintage popcorn machine, and “how to” video tutorials. Crystal and Jim were set up on a blind date fifteen years ago, where they went to the ever-romantic Pizza Hut and a coffee shop. That same coffee shop became a staple in their early dating relationship, and they dreamed of one day owning their own such business. Now that dream is getting closer to reality as Trail Creek Coffee Roasters has recently moved to a shared commercial space in downtown Kasson.

“We were hustling really hard. It almost came to a point where it was like, we either do this and jump all in or we hire somebody to help.” -Crystal Whitmarsh

#Emerge Episode 26 with Leah, Eileen, and Tyler

Just in time for the one-year anniversary of their ownership of the business, we sit down with Canvas and Chardonnay owners Leah Joy Bee, Eileen Bruns, and Tyler Aug. Canvas and Chardonnay is a cooperative art space located in downtown Rochester that offers a variety of classes including painting, weaving, plant classes, and yoga. Today on the show we talk more about the business and what initiatives are taking place in Rochester right now that these innovators are particularly excited about.

#Emerge 25 with Laura Elwood

Today on our latest #Emerge video we sit down with Rochester native and fierce female entrepreneur Laura Elwood, owner of Chamberlain Concierge & Lifestyle Management. This business just reached its three-year anniversary, providing limo service coupled with a concierge menu to bridge the gap between a client’s need for visiting Rochester to the local hospitality industry.

“If you tell me I can’t do something, I’m going to find a way to make it done. And I’m going to find a way to make it done better than what you expected. I think it’s really easy to be competitive with other people. It’s harder to be competitive with yourself.” -Laura Elwood 

Check out the full interview with Laura in podcast Episode 125

#Emerge Episode 24 w/ Dan Kingsley and Kyle Swanson

Today on #Emerge we sit down with local entrepreneurs and co-owners of the Realty Edge Team Dan Kingsley and Kyle Swanson. Realty Edge is a Rochester based residential real estate team licensed in Minnesota. On the show today we talk about how Dan and Kyle work to keep their clients on the leading edge of the real estate market, how they’ve grown the business over the past several years, how these innovators challenge themselves to learn and create, and the foundations of their team-based approach in trust and commitment. 

Check in with our podcast tomorrow for the full, unabridged interview.

 “You really get that team concept of it’s not about me, it’s about what I do for them and how they’re going to help us, together, as a team.” -Dan Kingsley, Co-Owner of the Realty Edge Team

#Emerge Episode 23 with Bucky Beeman and Peter Andrews

Today on #Emerge we visit local entrepreneurs Bucky and Peter at Offices at China Hall. Offices at China Hall is Rochester's newest coworking space, located on 1st Avenue SW in the heart of downtown Rochester. This space includes a conference room, open workspace with a kitchenette, and six private offices. This 2nd floor location was last used as a china shop and later turned into Rochester Restaurant Supply. Offices at China Hall is activating a space that has not been in use since the 1950s.

#Emerge Episode 22 with Janessa Nickell

Today on #Emerge we sit down with Portland native and current Rochester resident Janessa Nickell. Janessa is a business strategist turned entrepreneur who also formerly trained for Olympic weight lifting. Janessa recently launched her entrepreneurial vision with her brand-new business Sacred Circle, which she runs in her home in southwest Rochester. Sacred Circle is a space for people to learn, connect with like-minded individuals, and grow while understanding more about themselves through introspection and reflection.

“On paper it seemed like I had my stuff together. I was pretty successful by a lot of measurements. I was also incredibly burned out and tired.” -Janessa Nickell, Founder of Sacred Circle

#Emerge Episode 21 with Abbey Sass

This week on #Emerge we sit down with Abbey Sass, Owner of Civil Sass Hops. Civil Sass Hops is a one-acre hops farm in Chatfield, Minn., on Abbey’s husband Jake’s third generation family farm. This husband and wife team are strategically diversifying select acreage of the family’s corn production for hops growth. This is Civil Sass Hops’ second year of hops production. The Sass husband and wife team aim to expand their acreage of hops growth next year and additionally take their hops into new markets. Civil Sass Hops supplies hops to several breweries in southeastern Minnesota. The company is woman and veteran-owned.

#Emerge Episode 20 with Andy Smith

This week on #Emerge we sit down with new-to-Rochester resident Andy Smith. Andy is a former teacher turned entrepreneur and owner of Gray Duck Theater, a microcinema opening in Rochester this October. Gray Duck Theater aims to provide a mid-level cinema experience with excellent audio quality at an affordable price.

“I think we have a handful of cinemas in the area, cineplexes I should say. But nothing that is…romantic, unique.” -Andy Smith, Owner of Gray Duck Theater

#Emerge Episode 18 with Grace Pesch and Crystal Heim

This week on #Emerge we sit down with Grace Pesch and Crystal Heim of The Commission Executive Team. This week we talk about initiatives in Rochester that Grace and Crystal are excited about. We also chat about some women-focused programming that these ladies are developing in the community, including their first roundtable discussion coming up on June 12th. Tune in to the video to learn more.

“There’s a lot of things that women juggle and things that they face. We need to come together and talk about it and how to deal with it.” -Crystal Heim

#Emerge Episode 16 with My Town My Music

This week on #Emerge we sit down with the entrepreneurs behind My Town My Music: Dustin Hart, Bekkie Hart, and Jonny Yucuis. My Town My Music is a platform that gives the community a voice in the types of music acts they want to see in Rochester through their community memberships. In the video today, we talk about initiatives in the music scene right now that My Town My Music is excited about, how they’ve been building their business, and the challenges they’ve been facing to make Rochester a city that attracts both big name acts and showcases homegrown talent.

#Emerge Episode 15 with Zoey Jantsan

This week on our #Emerge video we sit down with local entrepreneur Zoey Jantsan. Zoey served as Miss Minnesota US International in 2017, is about to hit the two year mark in her real estate career, and is the new chair of the Women's Roundtable for the Rochester Area Chamber of Commerce. This is one show not to miss about one female entrepreneur who is on fire!

#Emerge Episode 14 with May Larios Garcia and Jim Fricker

This week on #Emerge, we sit down with husband and wife team of Jim Fricker and May Larios Garcia to talk about their emerging language education business, Spanish and Go. Spanish and Go consists of a blog and highly successful YouTube channel that serves as “your resource for learning real-world, travel Spanish.” Jim and May travel back and forth between Rochester and Spanish speaking areas, both inside and outside of the US, to experience and share the local culture, customs, and intricacies of the Spanish language in these regions. The pair focuses on getting people actually speaking Spanish as soon as possible to inspire their audience to really connect and feel comfortable to travel and engage with Spanish speaking cultures across the globe.

#Emerge Episode 11 with Derrick Chapman

On the video today, we sit down with local entrepreneur Derrick Chapman, owner of Twisted Barrel Wood Fired Pizza. Sit back and hear what Derrick has to say about growth of his mobile pizza business this year and his journey as an emerging entrepreneur.

"[Being a full time entrepreneur]'s a big jump and it takes guts to do it. I couldn't be happier." -Derrick Chapman

#Emerge Episode 10 with Pasquale Presa

This week on #Emerge, we sit down with fellow Discovery Square tenant Pasquale Presa of Pasquale’s Neighborhood Pizzeria. On the video today we talk about Pasquale’s journey as an Italian immigrant entrepreneur, the celebration of the one year anniversary of the restaurant, and the future of the Discovery Square sub-district of Rochester.

“When you have an opportunity in life, I think you need to dream big You need to surround yourself with people that are going to be a positive influence in your life.” –Pasquale Presa

#Emerge Episode 9 with Amanda Leightner and Jamie Sundsbak

This week in the #Emerge video series, we sit down with local entrepreneur Jamie Sundsbak and talk about career change, the value of good timing, dealing with fear and uncertainty, and entrepreneurial perserverance.

“I think timing is a huge thing. If I had tried to do something even two or three years earlier, it would have failed drastically and immediately.” –Jamie Sundsbak

#Emerge Episode 8 with Nate Nordstrom

This week on #Emerge we speak with local entrepreneur Nate Nordstrom. Nate is the Founder of BrandHoot, a Rochester-based company that builds customized websites and mobile applications. On the video today, we talk about BrandHoot’s recent advancement as a finalist for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Dream Big Awards, the next directions for BrandHoot as they grow as a small company, the role of failure in business development, and why entrepreneurship is important in the Rochester community right now.

“I don’t want fear of failure to ever control our company because that’s how every major company ends up failing.” –Nate Nordstrom, BrandHoot

#Emerge Episode 7 with Garrett Lieffring

This week on #Emerge we talk with local entrepreneur Garrett Lieffring. Garret helped to start The Entrepreneurship Club at Winona State University. In the video today we talk about the purpose of the club, it's impact on the student population, and the role of entrepreneurship in college education.

#Emerge Episode 6 with Ethan Herber

This week on #Emerge we speak with local entrepreneur Ethan Herber. Ethan manages the digital assets of fifteen different hotels around the US as an eCommerce Marketing Manager. Today on the show we talk about social media for business, the biggest mistakes he sees business owners make in their social media marketing, and social media tools that every entrepreneur should be using.

Social media tools mentioned in the video:

#Emerge Episode 5 with Matt Romanauski and Zach WareJoncas

This week on #Emerge, we speak with local entrepreneurs Matt Romanauski and Zach WareJoncas about Byolincs, a community within Mayo Clinic dedicated to training and educating entrepreneurially minded scientists and medical professionals.

#Emerge Episode 4 with Xavier Frigola

This week on #Emerge we speak with Xavier Frigola, Director of Entrepreneurship at Rochester Area Economic Development, Inc., about the brand new Southeast Minnesota Angel Fund and what it can do for the local startup scene.