#Emerge Episode 24 w/ Dan Kingsley and Kyle Swanson

Today on #Emerge we sit down with local entrepreneurs and co-owners of the Realty Edge Team Dan Kingsley and Kyle Swanson. Realty Edge is a Rochester based residential real estate team licensed in Minnesota. On the show today we talk about how Dan and Kyle work to keep their clients on the leading edge of the real estate market, how they’ve grown the business over the past several years, how these innovators challenge themselves to learn and create, and the foundations of their team-based approach in trust and commitment. 

Check in with our podcast tomorrow for the full, unabridged interview.

 “You really get that team concept of it’s not about me, it’s about what I do for them and how they’re going to help us, together, as a team.” -Dan Kingsley, Co-Owner of the Realty Edge Team

#Emerge Episode 19 w/ Solomon, Ken, D'Angelo, and Haron

This week on the #Emerge we sit down with Solomon Antoine, Ken Nguyen, D’Angelo Tines, and Haron Arama of SolKen Technology. These young entrepreneurs are local high school and college students focused on building their current product FAVR. This web-based platform matches freelancers with jobs, such as yard work and errand-running, in the community.

“You have to be willing to get out of your comfort zone. It takes a lot to start a business and you have to have a lot of confidence.” -Solomon Antoine

#Emerge Episode 12 with Tyler Aug and Mike Terrill

Today on #Emerge we talk with two local innovators: videographer Tyler Aug and musician Mike Terrill. Together, they’ve created The Rochester Posse, a link to activities taking place within Rochester to create a voice that was missing on social media platforms. Today on the video we talk about storytelling for the local business and community scene, developments in Rochester’s music scene, and how The Current’s Mark Wheat might actually have developed the name for the pair’s latest endeavor.