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New iOS App Quizzem Aims to Gamify Learning to Bridge the Gap between Parents, Teachers, and Students


Rochester entrepreneurs Ahmed Makkawy, Gregg Smidt, and Nick Rogness have launched a new app to connect parents, teachers, and students to gamify learning. The official launch party of this trio’s product, called Quizzem, took place last week at Collider Coworking.  

The original idea for the app developed from a gap Smidt observed between teachers and parents. He saw a product like Quizzem as a way to incentivize and accelerate the learning process with rewards. In June 2018, Smidt paired up with app design expert Makkawy and iOS programmer Rogness to bring this vision to life.  

Inside the Quizzem app, parents or teachers can upload quizzes or sync with curriculum in the classroom. Students then earn customized rewards for completing the quiz, such as unlocking screen time on their favorite device.

“There are other apps out there, like Quizlet, that let the teacher create quizzes for their class. But then there isn’t that connection with the parent. So, this lets you take something you’re learning in the classroom and directly turn that into a reward of some sort,” explained Makkawy. 

The Quizzem app is now available for Apple devices. The app is free for the creation of one student profile and one quiz and is $4.99 for creation of unlimited quizzes and unlimited student user profiles.

These innovators are already incorporating user feedback into the next version of the product.

“We’ve already received exciting offers to bring the app into the classroom in mentor/tutor settings across the Midwest and think this tool will help parents get looped into helping the student excel in and out of the classroom,” said Makkawy.

Now, the team is looking to launch a Kickstarter campaign to gain local support to help with the buildout of the next release of the app.

Congratulations to the Quizzem team for bringing this product to market and for shining a light on mobile application development and innovation taking place in Rochester.