Tech Entrepreneurs Mike Rolih and Kenneth Ngah to Speak at Rochester Rising Community Celebration

We are very excited to announce the two invited speakers for our first birthday party and celebration of the Rochester entrepreneurial community: Kenneth Ngah and Mike Rolih. Our community celebration will take place on Wednesday July 19th at 4:30PM at Grand Rounds Brew Pub. Click here to purchase your ticket by July 12th.


About Kenneth Ngah- Founder of WandaGuides

Kenneth is a season web programmer, hailing from Cameroon, who has been in Rochester for the last ten months. This tech entrepreneur founded the startup WandaGuides to encourage tourism in Cameroon and connect tourists with government recognized travel agencies. Kenneth began his career performing web contract work and building websites in several different countries without ever having to leave Cameroon. He served as Community Manager of a coworking space in the city of Buea, called ActivSpaces, where he helped to create entrepreneur-focused events and connect with the local university system. Kenneth and a team of entrepreneurs helped to build very specific tech communities in Cameroon- including JavaScript and WordPress focused hubs- to increase the local skill set and bolster tech development. He also helped to directly place students into internships with developing startups in the community to teach immediately transferable skill sets.


About Mike Rolih- Founder of GoRout


GoRout is a two-year-old hardware and software startup based out of The Vault in downtown Rochester. GoRout developed football’s only on-field wearable technology that allows players and coaches to communicate instantly and efficiently. Mike- a former professional baseball player, Division One baseball coach, and baseball scout- originally set out to build a baseball stats platform, but the idea took too long and was not headed in the intended direction. He landed the original seed money for GoRout while driving a limo between Rochester and the MSP airport. The GoRout team believes in failing fast and learning fast. During Global Entrepreneurship Week last year, GoRout held the first ever sportstech product launch from Rochester unveiling their newest product, an in-helmet, heads up display called Vue-Up. This February, GoRout earned national attention by winning the “Communication with the Athlete” division in the NFL’s 1st and Future Competition in Huston over Super Bowl weekend.

Thanks to our generous community partners for making this event possible.