The Rochester Startup Part Two: The Vault


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In our first stop on the tour of Rochester coworking facilities, we visit The Vault.

Name: The Vault

Location: 4 3rd Street SW

Parking available: No

Managed by: Tessa Leung

Contact information: Word of mouth

Current Tenants: DTE Mechanical, Downtown Rochester Alliance, GoRout, TW Reese, Fuse Digital Creative Services, Eric Anderson, Nora Webb, Apollo Music, Med City Beat, and Grand Rounds Brew Pub Offices

This historic 4,800 square foot space above Grand Rounds Brew Pub was repurposed as a coworking facility in 2013. The Vault contains twelve individual, private offices of varying size and currently is 100% full. Office space rents for $1.40/square foot with electric, property taxes, heating, and cooling included. Internet service is available for $10/month.

A variety of small business owners and entrepreneurs currently operate out of the facility. The Vault is one of the original budget-friendly spaces for emerging entrepreneurs in Rochester. The first class of tenants have all graduated to larger spaces, opening the space to the next round of entrepreneurs. There’s a saying that “new ideas need old buildings.” You can’t find a better place in Rochester than a 150-year-old brick structure with a brew pub underneath and a resident Maltese.

Although the tenants all work in very different fields, they have found ways to collaborate and help each other, explained The Vault Manager Tessa Leung. She explained that people in The Vault “just get” entrepreneurship and find creative ways to make their businesses work. Tessa sees an immense amount of brain power, energy, and potential in Rochester. But she says we need to embrace a new way of thinking and all work together to move forward.

“I think we just need to hit a critical mass in this town who think like that,” she explained.

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