Top Podcasts of Rochester

Podcasts. Some people love them. Some people have never heard of them. Regardless of where you stand, podcast listening rates are growing in the United States. This year, 21% of Americans 12 years or older have listened to a podcast in the last month. That’s the same percentage of Americans who use Twitter, to put that into perspective. Podcast listening grew 23% between 2015 and 2016, largely due to ease of podcast consumption on smartphones and tablets. And you can find podcasts, or “audioblogs”, on just about anything from pop culture, to your favorite sports team, to business development. And the beauty is that anyone can make a podcast. All you need is a recording device.

Maybe you’re one of these 79% of Americans who don’t listen to podcasts and are looking for a place to start. Or maybe you’re a podcast fanatic but want to broaden your horizon. Here are some active podcasts that are recorded, at least in part, right here in Rochester.

  1. Sandbox Cooporative. This local podcast is a forum to talk about anything, including creating family culture, end of life, and interfaith dialog. This podcast has a theological focus and is based out of the Gloria Dei Lutheran Church.
  2. Mission 250 Filmcast. This one isn’t entirely recorded in Rochester, but a co-host on the podcast lives here now. The whole idea is to bring together a group of movie enthusiast friends to discuss and count down the top 250 movies as rated by IMDb. They’re counting in reverse order and recently released a podcast discussing movie #238, The Help.
  3. Mayo Clinic Radio.  This is a one hour weekly radio show straight out of the Mayo Clinic.
  4. Rochester Rising. And, of course, you should tune in to our podcast as well. A new show comes out every Wednesday where we talk to a different entrepreneur or innovator in Rochester.

Bonus Minnesota podcasts:

  1. The Minnesota BeerCast.  This podcast is all about the craft beer scene in Minnesota. There will be a live episode recorded this week right at Grand Rounds Brew Pub!
  2. Minnov8. This podcast is co-hosted by our friend Graeme Thickins, who guest posts on Rochester Rising. Minnov8 focuses on innovation in tech and web-based technologies in Minnesota.