Episode 27: Tinua and Twisted Barrel Wood Fired Pizza

This week, we listen in on some audio from the very first 1 Million Cups Rochester. We had two Rochester entrepreneurs speak at this event: Tori Utley of Tinua and Derrick Chapman of Twisted Barrel Wood Fired Pizza.

  • Tinua is developing a digital platform and mobile application to transform unused funds on gift cards into tools they believe can save lives.
  • Twisted Barrel Wood Fired Pizza is Rochester’s hottest food truck, cooking pizzas between 900-1000 degrees.

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Episode 26: 1 Million Cups Finally Arrives in Rochester

1 Million Cups has finally arrived in Rochester. The inaugural edition of 1 Million Cups Rochester took place this morning at 9AM. The event will be held the first Wednesday of every month, at 9AM, in the Bleu Duck Kitchen event space. 1 Million Cups is a national, educational event for entrepreneurs that is based out of the Kauffman Foundation.

Here’s how to keep in touch with the 1 Million Cups Rochester community:

1 Million Cups Rochester Page




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Episode 25: COVR Medical

From left to right: Romeo Catracchia, COVR Medical CCO; the author; Bruce Levy, COVR Medical CEO and Founder.

This week, we speak with COVR Medical, a life science startup based out of the Mayo Clinic Business Accelerator. COVR Medical was built within the Mayo Clinic Emerging Entrepreneur Program, a partnership between Mayo Medical Ventures and the Mayo Clinic Business Accelerator. The COVR Medical team created medical garments that raise the standard of care and improve patient privacy by covering the groin area during surgery and other medical procedures. The startup was established in 2014 and is currently gearing up for commercialization. The team recently won the professional division of Walleye Tank, Rochester’s first life science business pitch competition.

“I think there’s more to being a successful entrepreneur than just having a good idea and being able to do a lot of hard work, although that’s certainly a good start. I think what you need to do is surround yourself with a competent team…that can really help develop the company.” –Dr. Bruce Levy, COVR Medical CEO and Founder.

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Episode 24: Ryan Utterback and Pure Rock Studios

This week, I got to sit down with Iowa native and current Rochester resident Ryan Utterback and learn about his journey building and growing Pure Rock Studios. Pure Rock Studios is a music lesson and entertainment center in northeast Rochester that custom fits lessons to fit the needs of its students. Utterback and his team of fourteen professional musicians place an emphasis on live performance, if the students want to gain this experience. Utterback himself is a professional drummer. He spent several years studying and working as a musician in Hollywood and plays in the local country band County Line Drive.

You can catch the Pure Rock Studios students at their Winter Showcase Saturday February 4th from 1-7PM at Wicked Moose. In this week’s podcast, Ryan and I chatted about Pure Rock, the value of performance, and the future of the local music scene in Rochester.

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Episode 23: How Artificial Intelligence could Disrupt Healthcare

This past week, the Rochester entrepreneurial community got to host our good friend Pete Kane and his group Silicon Valley Artificial Intelligence (SVAI). SVAI is the largest artificial intelligence (AI) community in the Silicon Valley area. Members of the group made a special trip to Rochester to strengthen the relationship between their strong AI hub and the engrained medical and research community in Rochester.

The original concept of AI began in 1950. Today AI is all around us in things like video games, in speech recognition tools like Siri and Alexa, and in driverless cars. AI is particularly poised to impact healthcare. Ninety healthcare startups currently utilize AI and several of the major tech players, like Google and IBM, have some major skin in the game.