Student Entrepreneurship

Episode 86: Meet the Team behind SolKen Technology

“Don't worry about a thing,every little thing is gonna be alright”.jpg

This week on the podcast we sit down with Solomon Antoine, Ken Nguyen, D’Angelo Tines, and Haron Arama of SolKen Technology. SolKen Technology is a Rochester-based tech startup specializing in cryptocurrency mentoring, web development, and e-commerce development. Their current focus is on the product FAVR, a web-based platform that matches freelancers with jobs, such as yard work and errand-running, in the community.

This week on the podcast we talk about:

·      FAVR, a platform that pairs freelancers with local demand and the SolKen team’s plans to grow the product.

·      The drive and rationale for creating FAVR.

·      How the team balances their education as high school and college students and their other activities with business development.

·      The journey of building FAVR in Rochester and the connections the team has leveraged to jump start the product.

·      Their advice for anyone else looking to #startsomething in Rochester, Minnesota.


“Take risks. You never know the outcome until you try it out.” -Ken Nguyen

Episode 41: Walleye Tank Travels to the University of Minnesota- Part 1

This week on the podcast, we listen in to pitches from Walleye Tank, a life science business pitch competition in Minnesota. The third ever Walleye Tank took place this April on the University of Minnesota campus, showcasing the state’s life science startups. Entrepreneurs participated in either a student “junior angler” or professional division, pitching their concepts to a panel of “walleyes”, seasoned life science entrepreneurs and experts. This first portion of a two part series covering Walleye Tank features pitches by Lab Set Go, Synch Medical, Dolore Biotechnology, UVBioGen, Delve Health, and Tear Restore.

For more information, and to hear the comments from the Walleye Panel, check out the Walleye Tank YouTube channel.