Episode 113: 1 Million Cups Rochester with Lake City Boat Club & Rentals and Busy Bee Meal Prep

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This week on the podcast we catch up with the latest 1 Million Cups Rochester. 1 Million Cups is an educational event for entrepreneurs that takes place the first Wednesday of every month in Rochester and in 184 different communities across the United States. This month we heard the stories of Lake City Boat Club & Rentals and Busy Bee Meal Prep.  

Lake City Boat Club & Rentals rents boats- currently two pontoons and one speed boat- out of the Lake City Marina. Boats can be rented for a half day, a full day, or through a membership. The business hopes to open up a second location this year.

Busy Bee Meal prep was launched this October to deliver frozen, fully prepped meals within a twenty-mile radius of Rochester. Busy Bee delivers three, five, or ten meal packs and utilizes local ingredients as much as possible. The Busy Bee meals are completely prepped, no chopping or measuring required, and can go directly into a crock pot.

Join the community at the next 1 Million Cups Rochester on Wednesday February 6th.



·      1 Million Cups Rochester

o   Website: https://www.1millioncups.com/rochester

o   Facebook: @1MCRochester

o   Instagram: @1millioncupsrochester

·      Lake City Boat Club & Rentals

o   Website: https://lakecity-boatclub.com/

·      Busy Bee Meal Prep

o   Website: https://busybeemealprep.com/

o   Facebook: @busybeemealprepllc

o   Instagram: @busybeemealprep

o   Twitter: @BusyBeeMealPrep


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