Episode 114: From the Edge with Chris Peterson


Today we launch a brand-new series on the Rochester Rising podcast: From the Edge. For this series we brought on a co-host, Jamie Sundsbak, Community Manager of Collider Coworking. We also welcomed Chris Peterson, CEO of PayGo, a Rochester company creating retail software, to the podcast as our first guest for this series. On the show today, we asked all the guests to bring one trend taking place in the Rochester community to the podcasting table to enable a low key, sometimes humorous, chat about the culture of our entrepreneurial ecosystem. We covered a lot in our first From the Edge podcast including the value of giving honest and open feedback to businesses, the exit of old businesses and entry of new businesses into our ecosystem, and the many developments that have already taken place this calendar year. There was also some talk about a new Sasquatch-based VR/AR ad system. You pretty much just have to listen in.

Links from the show today:

PayGo: website (https://paygopos.com/);

Facebook (@paygopos)

Twitter (@paygopos)

Instagram (@paygopos)


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