Episode 119: From the Edge with Courtney Bergey Swanson and Nathan Wiedenman


This week we launch our second “From the Edge” show in this new podcast series! On the show today we sit down with Nathan Wiedenman and Courtney Bergey Swanson. Nathan spent time in the entrepreneurial community in Boston before moving to Rochester about one year ago and brings valuable insight to our community. Courtney is the Director of Community Engagement with Community and Economic Development Associates (CEDA) and facilitates business development in rural communities in southern Minnesota. We cover a lot of ground on the show today with very diverse perspectives brought to the table. On the show we talk about the current Silicon Valley venture capital model, especially in software, focused on rapid development and exits and how this model is starting to change. We also compare growth of businesses in rural communities with mid- to large sized cities and discuss growing trends of young entrepreneurs moving back to their hometown to start a business to make their community a better place. We wrap up by taking about inclusivity barriers to the entrepreneurial community here in Rochester.


Links from the show today:

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