Episode 131: Scott Snyder, CEO of Geneticure

Photo courtesy of Geneticure.

Photo courtesy of Geneticure.

This week on the podcast we sit down with Rochester native Scott Snyder, CEO of Geneticure. Geneticure is a precision medicine startup that works to reduce the trial and error associated with treatment of hypertension patients. The business was founded by brothers Eric and Scott Snyder four years ago. On the podcast today we talk about the growth of Geneticure from the cofounding team of four to their current twelve-member organization. We also talk about Scott’s leap from executive positions in Target to running a startup with his brother, what opportunities he’s seeing in Rochester’s entrepreneurial scene today, and much more about the reality of entrepreneurship. Geneticure was one of the first interviews I ever did over four years ago, so it was fun to sit down and catch up and learn how both organizations have grown since our first meeting.

“And it got to the point that the promise was so big with what we could do, that the risk for not doing it outweighed the risk for doing it, by a mile. There was no choice. I had to do it.”- Scott Snyder, CEO of Geneticure


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