Episode 137: Brad Vigesaa and NerdinOut


This week on the podcast we record on the road during a visit to NerdinOut on 2nd Street SW! Today on the show we sit down with NerdinOut founder Brad Vigesaa to chat more about this two-year-old business, which just had a grand opening celebration at their new location this June, and how he and his team are meeting customer needs to grow. NerdinOut is a retail store- and more- that buys, trades, and sells comic books, toys, collectables, and video games.


On the podcast today we chat about:

·      How Brad’s sales and customer experience prior to NerdinOut has helped to increase the efficiency of the business and enhance the bottom line.

·      The philosophy of “nerdinout” and how that relates to the business.

·      Move of the business from Elton Hills to their new location on 2nd Street SW.

·      Nitro coffee, Barbies, and other new products.

·      The addition of an adult-focused laser tag to the store’s offerings this summer.

·      The upcoming Nerdinout Con 2019 taking place this August.


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