Episode 138: Dustin Walker and Revision2

Photo courtesy of Revision2.

Photo courtesy of Revision2.

Today on the podcast we chat with local innovator Dustin Walker, Founder of Revision2. This solo entrepreneur has created a working prototype of a tubular, aerodynamic solar panel that can be mounted directly onto utility poles. The prototype is sixteen feet long and contains 148 solar cells.


On the podcast today we chat about:

·      Residential, commercial, and utility scale solar panel use in Minnesota.

·      The focus of Revision2 on clean energy, clean living, and emerging industry opportunities.

·      How becoming a parent and a challenge from his 7-year-old son launched Dustin’s journey into clean energy innovation.

·      Aim of the startup to source manufacturing and supply chain and gain traction with local utility companies.

·      Dustin’s use of the Minnesota Small Business Development Center (SBDC) for business advice and mentorship.

·      His goal to build out the team and land funding in order to obtain some purchase orders of the solar panel over the next year.


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