Episode 141: Adam & Bryan of Almond Eye Productions

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This week on the podcast we chat with Adam Helwig and Bryan Lemke, owners of Almond Eye Productions. Almond Eye Productions is a local full video production company, performing field production, post production, and marketing services for a variety of industries. The business was launched in 2017. Both western Pennsylvania natives, Adam and Bryan met while working for the Outdoor Channel and have won multiple awards, including the Outdoor Channel’s Golden Moose Award, for their work.


On the show today we chat about:

  • The value of being self-taught and thinking intuitively.

  • Local marketing trends, including the emergence of video content in the branding and marketing scene in Rochester.

  • Re-locating to the Rochester area.

  • Initial discussions to start their business and early diversification of Almond Eye Productions.

  • Sacrifices associated with entrepreneurship.

  • Internal drive to be an entrepreneur.

  • Navigating the more challenging moments of business growth.

  • Time management.

Links from the podcast today:

Almond Eye Productions

Website: http://almondeye.net

Facebook: @almondeyeproductions

Instagram: @almondeyeproductions


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