Episode 142: Shari Mukherjee with Spiced up Mom and MasterChef

Photo courtesy of Shari Mukherjee/MasterChef.

Photo courtesy of Shari Mukherjee/MasterChef.

This week on the podcast we chat with local food innovator Shari Mukherjee. Shari runs the food blog Spiced up Mom and is currently in the top seven of Season Ten in FOX’s MasterChef. On the show today we talk about: 

  • How marrying her husband ten years ago sparked Shari’s passion to learn traditional Indian cooking.

  • Her experience with food blogging and journey to learn cooking.

  • Some of Shari’s worst cooking disasters.

  • The value of learning from mistakes.

  • The use of Shari’s food blogs My Fancy Pantry and Spiced Up Mom to share her cooking experience and lessons learned.

  • Her decision to try out for Season Ten of MasterChef and journey to the top seven.

  • The friendships she’s created on MasterChef.

  • How the MasterChef experience has taught Shari that she can do difficult things and how she’s dealing with negative feedback from the show.

  • Shari’s future plans, including potential pop-up shops at Figue.


Links from the podcast today:

Spiced up Mom

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Instagram: @spicedupmom

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