Episode 29: The Rochester Startup Part Six: Official Love

This week on the podcast, we continue with “The Rochester Startup” series by speaking with Kristopher Loving, Founder of the emerging nonprofit Official Love. This nonprofit operates out of the Rochester Area Foundation incubator space. Official Love utilizes the platform of sports officiating to help young people develop strong work ethics, professionalism, and connect with the community. The nonprofit decreases barriers for youth to become trained sports officials for basketball, football, and girls’ lacrosse. But Loving says the importance of Official Love is so much more; the program helps youth believe in and become invested in the community.

“If the youth are not involved in the community, it’s very difficult for it to grow and thrive because the youth are the next leaders of the community. …Sports officiating itself is great. But it’s such a small piece in what can really transform a community. And I’m hopeful that we can use this small thing, such as sports, such as blowing a whistle, to really help change lives and change generations of lives.” –Kristopher Loving, Official Love Founder.

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