Episode 46: Funding Your Business with MNvest Equity Crowdfunding

This week on the podcast, we recap a recent event held in Rochester, “Funding Your Business with MNvest Equity Crowdfunding”. This event was organized by Collider Coworking and hosted by the Well Living Lab. The program featured Rick DeVoe, owner of Fair Trade Books, and David Duccini , Founder and CEO of Silicon Prairie Portal and Exchange. MNvest is a law that permits equity crowdfunding in Minnesota, opening a new revenue stream for Minnesota-based small businesses. MNvest provides the first opportunity in over eighty years for anyone to invest in public offerings from private companies. Under this law, Minnesota businesses can raise up to $1M or $2M in capital. Non-accredited investors can invest up to $10,000 per offering. There is no investment cap for accredited investors and founders of that company. MNvest.org is a nonprofit organization in Minnesota that provides education around the MNvest equity crowdfunding law.

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