Episode 47: Nikolai Zeppa and Stationary Astronauts

This week on the podcast, we got to talk with another podcaster in town, Nikolai Zeppa of Stationary Astronauts. Stationary Astronauts began as a clothing line and podcast, called “The Useful Podcast and Beyond.” The Stationary Astronauts have plans to grow the business into the place to go for viral content creation and advertisement for businesses in Rochester. On the podcast today, we talk more about Stationary Astronauts and what it takes to be an entrepreneur in Rochester…and beyond.

“I’ve learned over the last few years just how important taking care of myself is, hence Stationary Astronauts, going within to blast off to see the stars and to be able to change people’s lives for the better.” –Nikolai Zeppa, Founder of Stationary Astronauts

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