Episode 62: An Evening with the Founders of DoApp, Part 2

This week on the podcast, we listen in to part two of “An Evening with the Founders of DoApp” straight from Rochester’s Global Entrepreneurship Week. In part one founders Wade Beavers, Joe Sriver, and David Borrillo spoke about the early stages of DoApp, a mobile app development company, and the risks of taking outside funding when building a startup. To wrap the story up today, the team talked about the importance of hiring great talent, life after your company is acquired, and how to work through hardship- professional and personal- within a business. To date, DoApp serves as one of Rochester’s largest startup success stories; insight from these founders are invaluable to anyone looking to start something in this city.

“As you scale up as an organization, as you’re building your organization, you want to build great people, who can build great people, who can build great products that people can’t live without.” –Joe Sriver, Founder at DoApp


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