Episode 63: Fall Sustaining Membership Drive with Rochester Rising

This week on the podcast we talk about our fall sustaining membership drive. Rochester Rising was launched last July to amplify stories of entrepreneurship in Rochester, Minnesota, share the stories of our risk-takers, and begin to document the rise of entrepreneurship in this city. Over the past seventeen months, we’ve told the stories of 110 different entrepreneurs, startups, or innovation initiatives in Rochester and the surrounding communities. We are always experimenting, learning, and growing to tell these stories in the best way possible. Last year, we launched a sustaining membership initiative to help keep Rochester Rising running and reduce our dependency on advertisement and sponsorship. If you support our mission and think something like this needs to exist in Rochester, please consider becoming a sustaining member of this platform. We have several rewards for our sustaining members including weekly teasers, advanced access to content, coffee mugs, and highly reduced advertising.

Click here for more information about becoming a sustaining member.