Episode 80: Bekkie, Dustin, and Jonny of My Town My Music


This week on the podcast we sit down with Bekkie, Dustin, and Jonny of My Town My Music, an emerging Rochester music platform that gives the community a voice for live musical entertainment in Rochester. My Town My Music successfully held a sold-out performance on a Wednesday night just a few weeks ago featuring local rapper Dessa. The team is set to bring Minneapolis indie musician and big-name Jeremy Messersmith to town this May.  


This week on the podcast we chatted about:

·      My Town My Music’s upcoming “Evening of the Songwriter” event with headliner Jeremy Messersmith and local artist Sam Butterfass.

·      The purpose of My Town My Music as a community driven resource to bring big names and big acts to Rochester, while always including Rochester artists.

·      The challenge of finding venues, attracting high level musical talent to play in this city, and getting Rochester residents out to support live music.

·      What people should expect from My Town My Music for the remainder of 2018.

·      My Town My Music’s ask for the Rochester music community to go out and support live music this year.


This audio features the full interview from our most recent #Emerge video with My Town My Music. Check back in later this week when that story drops!