Episode 83: 1 Million Cups Rochester with HipStar and Pandora Cybernetics


This week on the podcast we share the latest audio from 1 Million Cups Rochester. 1 Million Cups is an educational program for entrepreneurs that takes place in over 179 different communities across the United States. 1 Million Cups Rochester is held the first Wednesday of every month. Today on the podcast we hear from participants at the May 1 Million Cups Rochester, HipStar and Pandora Cybernetics. HipStar is a universal travel cart that provides a new way to carry heavy luggage for balanced, hands-free travel. The product is currently in prototype-mode; fundraising efforts are underway for further product design. Pandora Cybernetics aims to convert emotion into money by leveraging the power of big data analytics for brick and mortar. Their product, TeleMetrix, is a small sensor that integrates into store displays to capture the consumer experience.