Episode 90: Discussing Mental Health and Entrepreneurs with Rosei and Chris, Part 1


Today on the podcast we air the first in a two-part conversation about mental health and entrepreneurs with local innovators Rosei Skipper and Chris Lukenbill. On the show today, we talk about:

·      Our own experiences with depression, anxiety, and stress as entrepreneurs.

·      The importance of talking about our experiences with mental illness.

·      Feelings of isolation during entrepreneurship that may help to exacerbate mental health issues.

·      Methods of stress relief.

·      Expectations and managing the ups and downs associated with entrepreneurship.

·      Reasons why entrepreneurs may be more prone to develop mental illness than the general population.

·      What happens when your self-identity becomes deeply rooted to your business.

·      “Skill stacking” and how past experiences help you develop unique abilities, which are not necessarily linked to your business.

·      The fallacy of “finding your passion.”


“Some of the times being self-aware and understanding that part of entrepreneurship, the biggest part of entrepreneurship, is that it’s a constant roller coaster. The ups and downs are just a part of the game. That’s how it always goes. It’s usually a lot of downs and it’s a lot of downs that don’t have immediate successes following. You have to be okay with that. You have to be able to find somebody to talk to.” -Chris Lukenbill

Also on the podcast, we link up with SCORE Southeast Minnesota mentor Brian Alwin to answer the question, “Do I really need a business plan?”.