Rochester Rising Episode 13: Sansoro Health with CEO Jeremy Pierotti

This week, I got to speak with Jeremy Pierotti, CEO of Sansoro Health, a software company based out of Minneapolis. Sansoro Health’s primary product, Emissary, makes it easier for applications to exchange data with core Electronic Medical Record (EMR) platforms. Jeremy will be speaking next Wednesday October 19th from 6-8PM at the Mayo Clinic Business Accelerator. Click here for more information and to register for the event.

  • EMR is a system that tracks patient activity in most healthcare systems, provider offices, and nursing centers. It is basically the digitized version of the paper patient chart.
  • Sansoro Health began in 2014 with 4 co-founders with expertise in healthcare and healthcare technology. The company has rapidly expanded over the past few months and currently employs sixteen people.
  • ·Sansoro Health’s core product, Emissary, is a piece of software that functions as a bridge for data. Emissary enables data to be exchanged in real time by different healthcare applications to provide an improved workflow.
  • Emissary is a middleware solution that integrates any major EMR with any application to quickly and securely unlock the data, allowing for increased patient engagement.

“A great team and keen focus, those I think are two cornerstones of what we’ve been able to do with Sansoro Health in just a couple of years.” –Jeremy Pierotti