Rochester Rising Episode 14: Summer Laqua and Sola Salon

This week I got the chance to sit down with local business woman and native Minnesotan Summer Laqua. Summer is a professional hair stylist who runs her own salon at Sola Salon Studios in the Shoppes on Maine. There is a second Sola Salon location in northwest Rochester.

  • Sola Salon Studios began in 2004 and currently has three hundred national locations. Sola Salon Studios is made up of hair and beauty professionals who independently rent and operate a suite at a Sola location. These professions are provided with business resources, training, and tools to succeed by Sola Salon.
  • Summer has been a hair stylist for thirteen years. She opened her own suite at Sola Salon this past year where she is surrounded by passionate individuals.
  • Summer has expressed herself creatively throughout her life. She enjoyed crafting and painting as a child and has always loved dancing.
  • The biggest lessons Summer has learned while growing her business are not to settle and to constantly grow. She sets small goals to achieve big ones.
  • You can find Summer at Studio #19 at the southeast Sola Salon Studios location or reach her by phone at (507) 421-1924.

“I realized somewhere in my mid-twenties that if I don’t make changes in my life, my life is going to pass me by. If I don’t create the life that I want, then I’m not going to get it. And I started to believe in myself, that I could have whatever I wanted. It was up to me. And I just needed to go for it.” –Summer Laqua.