Rochester Rising Episode 16: The Story Behind Rochester Rising and Hopes for Entrepreneurship in Rochester

This week, I actually got to be interviewed to share a bit more of my story, the inspiration and message behind Rochester Rising, and my thoughts about the entrepreneurship and innovation community in Rochester.

  • I actually have a science background and moved from Pittsburgh to Rochester almost nine years ago to purse a PhD in molecular biology from Mayo Clinic.
  • I used my time during my postdoctoral training to develop my skill set, gain experience, and explore career opportunities outside of science.
  • Rochester Rising was launched four months ago to share the stories of Rochester's entrepreneurs and small business owners and fill a real gap in the community.
  • The name Rochester Rising is meant to symbolize the emergence of Rochester's entrepreneurs and the role they will play in this city's economy as we move forward.
  • Rochester Rising is launching a crowdfunding campaign Monday November 7th to make this news site a sustainable part of the community. More information can be found at

"We're all going to fail. And I think if you're not failing, you're actually not trying hard enough or trying something that's not risky enough that it might not work."