Rochester Rising Episode 22: Wet Labs of Minnesota- Let's Talk about Worthington

This week to continue our discussion about wet lab space in Minnesota, I spoke with Abraham Algadi, the Executive Direction of the Worthington Regional Economic Development Corporation, and Dr. Randy Simonson, a veterinary microbiologist and serial entrepreneur in Worthington, Minnesota. Worthington is a diverse community of about 13,000 people in the very southwest corner of Minnesota. The community has strong animal health and agricultural roots and is developing an animal health-focused wet lab to support their already entrenched biobusinesses and growing number of entrepreneurs.

  • Worthington, Minnesota is the county seat of Nobles County. The city has a very young population and is the second most diverse Minnesotan city behind Minneapolis.
  • Worthington has strong competencies in animal health with multiple large players in the area including Prairie Holdings Group, Merial, Merck, and Elanco.
  • A wet lab incubator, with a potential focus on animal health, is being developed in the Worthington Biotechnology Advancement Center.
  • The wet lab incubator could be a total of 13,000 sq. ft. and has the potential to expand onto surrounding acreage.
  • A wet lab would add another piece to the growing bioscience ecosystem in Worthington, strengthening that cluster and supporting local businesses.
  • The project has support at the city, county, and state level, with local entrepreneurs, like Dr. Simonson, spearheading the project.
  • The wet lab gives Worthington a unique opportunity to invest in a knowledge-based economy and strengthen their future as an animal health and bioscience cluster.

“In order to open the market up and create more capacities, those communities that are on the cutting edge of science- the Internet of Things, the research and development, the desktop CNC-ing and 3D printers, and all these wonderful things that are popping up every day before our eyes- if we in Worthington, if we in Stewartville, or some of the smaller towns around Rochester […] do not take advantage of them, we will be left behind in the dust of the others that are ahead of us.” –Abraham Algadi

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