Rochester Rising Episode 5: Nate Nordstrom and BrandHoot

Today’s podcast features another entrepreneur operating out of the Conley-Maass building, Nate Nordstrom, and his journey to launch BrandHoot, a team that is passionate about empowering great ideas and impactful brands through innovative apps and websites.

  • This Omaha, Nebraska native moved to Rochester in 2011 after he got burnt out from a job in a daily deal company and decided to leave the job and launch his own company. 
  • Nate left his job and launched his journey in entrepreneurship right when he and his wife were pregnant with their first baby, leaving the couple with no sure source of income or health insurance.
  • BrandHoot has grown and succeeded by doing things well and creating value for people.
  • One of Nate’s biggest lessons was learning how to strategically price BrandHoot’s products and services.
  • BrandHoot just launched a new service product called FanCoach, which provides automated consulting and actionable reports for restaurants.


“I really like Rochester. I think there’s a lot of opportunities and I think we’re really at a great time when there’s more collaboration than ever. Which is fantastic. I think sometimes, still though, people feel like ‘Oh, I can’t do what GoRout, or BrandHoot, or whatever the other company is has done.’ And I would say, ‘Yes you can.’” – Nate Nordstrom