Episode 130: Leah, Eileen, and Tyler with Canvas and Chardonnay

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Today on the show we sit down with the owners of Canvas and Chardonnay Leah Joy Bee, Eileen Bruns, and Tyler Aug. Canvas and Chardonnay, located in the heart of historic downtown Rochester, is an “art and community space where people of all ages, however you identify, are welcome.” The space offers numerous art classes, live music, yoga, a book and crystal emporium, and much more. On the podcast today we talk more about Canvas and Chardonnay, discuss how the business has grown since this trio purchased it last May, talk about plans for the future, and learn what current initiatives taking place in Rochester’s innovation community these entrepreneurs think everyone should know about.  


Links from the show today:

Canvas and Chardonnay

Website: https://canvasandchardonnay.com/

Facebook: @CanvasandChardonnay

Instagram: @canvasandchardonnay


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Episode 115: Talking Business Development with the Realty Edge Team

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Today on the podcast we chat with Dan Kingsley and Kyle Swanson, co-owners of the Realty Edge team, a residential real estate business in Rochester, Minnesota. This interview is part of our #Emerge video series. Check out the abridged version of this show, video-style, on our website! Today on the podcast we talk about Dan and Kyle’s excitement in regard to the growing brewery scene in Rochester. We also chat about their approach to brand development and brand message with Realty Edge, the value of a social network in growing a business, and how they’ve been able to implement a team-based approach with their company.


Links from the podcast today:

Realty Edge Website: https://www.therealtyedge.com

Facebook: @TheRealtyEdgeTeam

Twitter: @realtyedgeteam


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Brandhoot: https://brandhoot.com

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Episode 80: Bekkie, Dustin, and Jonny of My Town My Music


This week on the podcast we sit down with Bekkie, Dustin, and Jonny of My Town My Music, an emerging Rochester music platform that gives the community a voice for live musical entertainment in Rochester. My Town My Music successfully held a sold-out performance on a Wednesday night just a few weeks ago featuring local rapper Dessa. The team is set to bring Minneapolis indie musician and big-name Jeremy Messersmith to town this May.  


This week on the podcast we chatted about:

·      My Town My Music’s upcoming “Evening of the Songwriter” event with headliner Jeremy Messersmith and local artist Sam Butterfass.

·      The purpose of My Town My Music as a community driven resource to bring big names and big acts to Rochester, while always including Rochester artists.

·      The challenge of finding venues, attracting high level musical talent to play in this city, and getting Rochester residents out to support live music.

·      What people should expect from My Town My Music for the remainder of 2018.

·      My Town My Music’s ask for the Rochester music community to go out and support live music this year.


This audio features the full interview from our most recent #Emerge video with My Town My Music. Check back in later this week when that story drops!

Episode 77: Zoey Jantsan and Miss Minnesota, RE/MAX, and Chamber of Commerce


This week on the podcast we sit down with entrepreneur Zoey Jantsan to hear about all her latest endeavors. Zoey is the former Miss Minnesota US International. She’s also entering into her second year as a real estate agent with RE/MAX and is the current chair of the Women’s Roundtable for the Rochester Area Chamber of Commerce.

We had a very full discussion on the podcast today including:

·      A chat about a new community kindness initiative in Rochester that Zoey is a part of, called Read Roch, to connect members of the community through books.

·      Other initiatives going on right now that Zoey is excited about including the upcoming Paws and Claws Annual Wine Tasting Fundraiser, EarthFest, and the Rochester Flag Project.

·      What Zoey’s experience was like as Miss Minnesota and how it impacted her public speaking.

·      Zoey’s passion for animal and environmental conservation.

·      The challenges she’s faced in growing her real estate career.

·      The importance of space for business women to share ideas.


“When you’re running and you’re starting a new project, and when you’re starting a new career, no one knows that that’s what you do besides you at that point. And to go from there to have the whole community or have the whole clientele know that’s what you do and that’s what sets you apart, I think that’s the biggest hurdle [to growing a business].” -Zoey Jantsan

Episode 65: Derrick Chapman and Twisted Barrel Wood Fired Pizza


Welcome to our first podcast of 2018! This week, we sit down with Derrick Chapman, owner of Twisted Barrel Wood Fired Pizza. This audio is from our very latest video #Emerge series, where we have a low-key discussion with an entrepreneur in the Rochester community. This week on the podcast, we talk about the growth of the mobile food unit industry in Rochester, how Derrick’s been navigating his first year “all in” with his food truck business, and what he does at the end of the calendar year to prep for the next twelve months.

“The one thing you have to do is sacrifice when you want something to succeed. If you’re not willing to make those sacrifices, then you’re not going to get any bigger or anywhere beyond where you’re already at.” –Derrick Chapman, Owner of Twisted Barrel Wood Fired Pizza

To find the most updated locations for the food truck, link up with their Facebook page or download the Twisted Barrel app.

Episode 49: Rochester's Entrepreneurs #Emerge

This week on the podcast, we visit the latest edition in our #Emerge Facebook live video series where we sit down and talk about the past week in the Rochester entrepreneurial community. In this episode, we speak with Collider Coworking Community Manager, Jamie Sundsbak, about the recent “Welcome to the Neighborhood” event with Mortenson, Rochester Rising and Collider’s first year, the “Google Interwebs”, and lessons in being a solopreneur. We wrap up the conversation by discussing some major strides taken by the Rochester entrepreneurial community over the past year.