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Episode 129: Sam, AJ, and Ahmed with SkyWorks

From left to right: Sam Barsness, Ahmed Makkawy, and AJ Hawkins. Photo courtesy of SkyWorks.

From left to right: Sam Barsness, Ahmed Makkawy, and AJ Hawkins. Photo courtesy of SkyWorks.

Today on the podcast we sit down with SkyWorks team members Sam Barsness, AJ Hawkins, and Ahmed Makkawy to learn more about this emerging Rochester business. SkyWorks is a software company creating a tool to help commercial real estate brokers transact deals more efficiently and to create better agreements for their clients using automation and AI features. On the podcast today the team shares the startup story of SkyWorks, the power of putting together a strong team to bring forward an idea, and the time SkyWorks spent in the accelerator program the Austin Startup Factory in Austin, Minnesota.


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Episode 116: Products & Services, Who Are You Designing Them For? (Part 1) with Ahmed Makkawy


Today on the show we check in with local user experience design expert Ahmed Makkawy for the first part of his talk: Products & Services: Who Are You Designing Them For?  

This talk is part of the Business Experts Series organized by Winona State University and Collider Coworking.  

On the podcast today, Ahmed talks about his diverse user design experience, starting with his first job in Rochester as a software engineer for IBM. Since that time, Ahmed has worked with a variety of different local businesses getting experience in design for multiple target markets, including real estate and healthcare. In his talk today, Ahmed discusses how to best align and task your team to maximize your chances for success in product design and to avoid costly design errors. He talks about the value of charging your whole team to create a user-centered design. And finally, he discusses the value in getting user feedback on your product design and the utility in creating user personas.


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