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Episode 143: From the Edge with Matt and Jamie


This week on the podcast we share the latest in our “From the Edge” series talking trends in entrepreneurship. This month we’re joined by local corporate and patent attorney Matt Smyth and Jamie Sundsbak, Community Manager of Collider Coworking.


On the show today we chat about:

·      The sharing economy and the sustainability of these platforms.

·      Trends toward slower and more steady business growth.

·      Changing office environments.

·      The reality of working with remote teams and how to effectively communicate when not in the same location.

·      Keys to successful work groups.

·      The importance of physical proximity for working relationships and collaboration.


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Episode 139: From the Edge with Cassandra and Marty


Today on the podcast we share our latest in the “From the Edge” podcast series talking trends in entrepreneurship with local entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial ecosystem builders. Today on the show we’re joined by Marty Walsh, community and economic development specialist with CEDA, Cassandra Buck, local artist and owner of the store Clover & Rose, and as always Jamie Sundsbak, Community Manager of Collider Coworking.


We have an engaging, thought-provoking chat today covering many topics including:

  • Emerging methods of collaboration, including shared products and space.

  • How to encourage community collaboration through spaces that foster connections.

  • Bottom up growth of communities and the value of starting something to bring people together organically.

  • The true utility of social media for both business and connection.

  • Facebook Marketplace.

  • Artisan manufacturing.

  • Advanced manufacturing.

  • The shrinking gap between manufacturing and art.


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Episode 119: From the Edge with Courtney Bergey Swanson and Nathan Wiedenman


This week we launch our second “From the Edge” show in this new podcast series! On the show today we sit down with Nathan Wiedenman and Courtney Bergey Swanson. Nathan spent time in the entrepreneurial community in Boston before moving to Rochester about one year ago and brings valuable insight to our community. Courtney is the Director of Community Engagement with Community and Economic Development Associates (CEDA) and facilitates business development in rural communities in southern Minnesota. We cover a lot of ground on the show today with very diverse perspectives brought to the table. On the show we talk about the current Silicon Valley venture capital model, especially in software, focused on rapid development and exits and how this model is starting to change. We also compare growth of businesses in rural communities with mid- to large sized cities and discuss growing trends of young entrepreneurs moving back to their hometown to start a business to make their community a better place. We wrap up by taking about inclusivity barriers to the entrepreneurial community here in Rochester.


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Episode 105: Jamie Sundsbak and Collider Coworking

Photo courtesy of Collider Coworking.

Photo courtesy of Collider Coworking.

Today on the show we sit down with Jamie Sundsbak, Community Manager of Collider Coworking. Collider Coworking is an open coworking space in downtown Rochester, launched on August 15, 2016. Collider was originally envisioned as a space for entrepreneurs to work and connect. But since its opening, the coworking space has become home to many freelancers and remote workers, shifting Collider’s mission to helping these people connect with the Rochester community at large to keep this talent in the city. On the podcast today, we talk a bit about the challenge of launching a coworking space in a city like Rochester, where the concept was new. Since its launch, Collider has primarily grown by word of mouth and by just getting people through the doors to see the space. Collider was born out of Jamie’s mission to create a more robust entrepreneurial community for Rochester. The coworking space has a warehouse feel and includes its own hand-drawn Sasquatch. The business aims to promote creativity, social interactions, and work just getting done in Rochester’s entrepreneurial and innovation sectors. As the year ends, Collider is working on two new initiatives. The first is a nonprofit arm of the business to open up the business to additional funding sources and to support the organization’s work to create an inclusive entrepreneurial ecosystem. Collider will launch an additional location soon, called Collider 424. This space is located in a disused building on the Mayo Clinic campus and will primarily be private offices.

Episode 81: Ari Kolas and Apollo Liquor


This week on the podcast we have a very special episode from the latest Collider Coworking Experts Series with serial entrepreneur Ari Kolas of Apollo Liquor. Ari and his family business are living proof that many other successful businesses beyond medical exist and thrive in Rochester. This was a great talk by Ari with valuable advice for anyone thinking about or running a business anywhere.


On the podcast today, Ari talks about:

·      The launch of the first Apollo Liquor store in Austin, Minnesota in 1965.

·      Growing up in the liquor store business.

·      The reality of running a family owned business.

·      The necessity of doing the unexpected as an entrepreneur.

·      The value of not taking on debt and sticking with what you know.

·      His love of work, which he says is both a strength and a weakness.

·      The bad business deals and mistakes that he’s made along the way.

·      How the Apollo Liquor stores allowed Ari to invest in other business opportunities including: a convenience store, hotel, Greek restaurant, car dealership, and an office building.

·      How Ari eventually sold all of the Apollo Liquor stores in December 2017 and what’s in his future.


“You always have to invest in the business, put in your own time, and don’t take on too much debt, and don’t pay yourself first.” -Ari Kolas, serial entrepreneur and former owner of Apollo Liquor

Episode 58: How to Navigate Career Change and Manage Risk and Uncertainty

This week on the podcast we listen in to the latest audio from our #Emerge video series. In these videos, we sit down and have a conversation about entrepreneurship in Rochester and peek into the city’s startup culture with a member of the innovation community. This week, I sit down with Collider Coworking Community Manager Jamie Sundsbak. We talk about navigating career change, how to handle risk and uncertainty, and ways to build your business while maintaining another full-time job. And as always, we end by talking about the current state of the Rochester entrepreneurial community and what it needs to grow.

“That’s what a true entrepreneurial community should do. We give first, we surface what’s going on. We go out of our way to help people in any way that we can.” –Jamie Sundsbak

Episode 49: Rochester's Entrepreneurs #Emerge

This week on the podcast, we visit the latest edition in our #Emerge Facebook live video series where we sit down and talk about the past week in the Rochester entrepreneurial community. In this episode, we speak with Collider Coworking Community Manager, Jamie Sundsbak, about the recent “Welcome to the Neighborhood” event with Mortenson, Rochester Rising and Collider’s first year, the “Google Interwebs”, and lessons in being a solopreneur. We wrap up the conversation by discussing some major strides taken by the Rochester entrepreneurial community over the past year.

Episode 32: The Rochester Startup Part 14- Breakdown of Rochester's Coworking Spaces

This week, we wrap up “The Rochester Startup Series,” taking an in-depth look at coworking spaces in Rochester and the people working within them. In today’s podcast, we hear from the owners and managers of the four coworking spaces in Rochester including: Carrie Moscho of Rochester Area Foundation, Xavier Frigola of the Mayo Clinic Business Accelerator, Tessa Leung of The Vault, and Jamie Sundsbak of Collider Coworking.

All four leaders in the business and entrepreneurial community agreed that there are strong expectations of growth in the for-profit and not-for-profit community, especially with the Destination Medical Center initiative. Rochester’s entrepreneurial community right now is just starting to gain the critical mass that it needs to push forward, but it still has a long way to go. The emerging Southeast Minnesota Angel Fund could significantly help the growth of the startup and entrepreneurial community.

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Episode 30: The Rochester Startup Part Nine-Tinua

This week on the podcast, we continue with part nine of “The Rochester Startup” series. This week we speak with Tinua, a tenant of Collider Coworking. Tinua is an emerging startup converting gift cards into the currency of charitable giving, starting a movement of doing good one gift card at a time. Today we chat with Founder Tori Utley, a licensed chemical dependency counselor and founder of several nonprofits, about Tinua’s growth and her journey as a new, fulltime entrepreneur.

“[Tinua] really for me fells like the excitement of both worlds: the heart of the nonprofit sector but the fun and strategy of technology,” she explained.

She advised potential entrepreneurs that “there’s no qualification to be the right person or not. And because of that, you are the right person to pursue [your idea]. And so I think if you’re passionate about making a difference. …If you think that there’s a way to do something better or bring something to market that hasn’t been done before, just do it, because you never know what the outcome could be.”

Featured Story: The Rochester Startup Part Five: Rochester Area Foundation

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