Episode 133: Heart of the City with Patrick Seeb

Photo courtesy of DMC EDA/White Space.

Photo courtesy of DMC EDA/White Space.

Today on the podcast we sit down with Patrick Seeb, Director of Economic Development and Placemaking with the Destination Medical Center EDA to chat about Heart of the City. Heart of the City is one of the six DMC subdistricts, each encompassing a different geographic location in downtown Rochester. On the podcast today we chat about the mission and goals with Heart of the City and several projects currently taking place within that subdistrict including the Chateau Theatre and renovations to the Peace Plaza, 1st Avenue, and Alleyways.  

“Rochester has gone through change in the past. But I think it’s never been more important for community to help shape the change that’s going on.” -Patrick Seeb


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Episode 96: Chris Schad and Discovery Square


Today on the podcast we sit down with Chris Schad, Director of Business Development for Discovery Square. Discovery Square is one of the six Destination Medical Center (DMC) subdistricts and is specifically focused on biomedicine, research, and technology innovation. DMC is the largest public-private economic development initiative in the state of Minnesota to catalyze growth in the Rochester area over the next twenty years.

Today on the podcast we talk about:

·      DMC and the DMC subdistricts.

·      The three current DMC priorities.

·      The dream vision for the Discovery Square DMC subdistrict.

·      How DMC can help entrepreneurs by spreading stories of entrepreneurship on a large scale, identifying gaps in the entrepreneurial ecosystem, and bringing programs like the Assistive Tech Challenge to the region to spur prototype development and ideation.

·      The significance of the topping off ceremony at the first new building in the Discovery Square subdistrict, called One Discovery Square.

·      The value proposition for attracting businesses to Rochester.

·      Additional activities in Discovery Square and Rochester as a whole.

·      Challenges that DMC and the city of Rochester face in implementing this large economic initiative in this city.

“The most exciting [challenge] is the challenge of big expectations. The state is watching us. The state has invested a lot of money in what we’re doing here, and we have to rise to the challenge of those expectations.” -Chris Schad, Director of Business Development, Discovery Square

Call for Opinion Pieces and Press Releases: A Guide for Submissions to Rochester Rising

Episode 87: 1 Million Cups Rochester with Technovation[MN], the Assistive Arc Challenge, and Spanish and Go


This week on the podcast we check in with the latest 1 Million Cups Rochester. 1 Million Cups is an educational program for entrepreneurs that takes place in 180 different communities across the United States. Here are the startups and local groups that spoke to the community at the June 1 Million Cups Rochester:

·      Technovation[MN], a program in southeast Minnesota. This global challenge encourages middle school and high school aged girls to pursue careers in technology and computing. The Technovation program was brought to the local region in 2014.

·      The Arc Assistive Technology Challenge, a fall tech program supported by Arc Minnesota, Destination Medication Center, and Mayo Clinic. This challenge works to create and support solutions for disabled individuals in southeast Minnesota and will culminate on November 3rd.

·      Spanish and Go, a resource for learning real world, travel Spanish. Spanish and Go blends together co-founder Jim Fricker’s passion for audio technology with his wife, and also co-founder, May’s love for teaching. Currently, Spanish and Go is working to launch their first product, Travel Spanish Confidence. The business has over 10,000 followers on their YouTube channel.   

1 Million Cups Rochester takes place the first Wednesday of every month at 9AM in the Bleu Duck Kitchen event space.

Episode 34: Looking Towards the Future- Entrepreneurship in Rochester

This week on the podcast, we sit back and talk about the future of entrepreneurship in Rochester. Developments in the city are expected to come to life this year under Destination Medical Center (DMC), a twenty-year economic initiative to make Rochester a destination medical city. But where do entrepreneurs fit into this picture? A recent ranking by and Entrepreneur magazine listed Rochester as one of the top ten small to mid-sized cities for entrepreneurs in the United States. But when you speak to entrepreneurs in Rochester, you hear a different story. This week in the podcast, we talk about what metrics were used in this study and think about indicators that should be measured to examine cities favorable to entrepreneurs and startups.

Rochester Rising Episode 12: Investors & Innovators: A Day in Rochester

This week, I got the opportunity to pitch Rochester Rising at the “Investors & Innovators: A Day in Rochester” event in town. This event, sponsored by the DMC, Center of Individualized Medicine, and Medical Alley Association, showcased local startups and entrepreneurs and included a walking tour of some of the proposed DMC sub-districts (photos below).

  • The day featured one minute pitches from startups and entrepreneurial support services in Rochester and the Twin Cities.
  • Shaye Mandle of Medical Alley Association also gave a few words.
  • Medical Alley Association has been around for 35 years to champion the Medical Alley area of Minnesota, a range stretching from Duluth through Minneapolis/St Paul to Rochester, as a global center for healthtech innovation.
  • Lisa Clarke from the Destination Medical Center (DMC) also spoke. DMC is a city and state-wide economic development initiative to make Rochester a medical tourism destination.
  • At the end of this week, Rochester Rising will have existed for 12 weeks and have showcased stories from over 27 different local entrepreneurs.