Danni Trester

Episode 112: Ritz Crafters with Danni, Michaelene, and Shelly


Today on the podcast we sit down with three entrepreneurs and talk about handmade goods! This week we chat with Danni Trester, organizer of Ritz Crafters, and local makers Michaelene Karlen of Ballerina Botanicals Organic Skincare and Shelly Daood of Bound to be Creative. Michaelene is a professional dancer and Miss Minnesota 2018. She founded Ballerina Botanicals a few years ago with her mom after being diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder. Shelly always felt the need to be creative, leading this mom of three to start selling her handmade, one-of-a-kind hats, even some right off her head.

Today we had a great time recording this four-person podcast (the first that I’ve ever recorded solo!), which included the lights in the room frequently turning off as we were serenaded with dog toys in the background.  

Today on the podcast we talk about how these ladies got started with their maker-style businesses and what strategies they’ve used to grow their companies.

 We also chat about Ritz Crafters, a new-to-Rochester indie craft show coming to the city February 9th. This event will take place at the 4H Building at the Olmsted County Fair Grounds, showcasing new ideas and unique, technical crafting skill sets. Forty-five different vendors will participate in the event.


Links from the show today:

Ritz Crafters: https://www.ritzcrafters.com/

Facebook: @RitzCrafters

Instagram: @ritzcrafters


Ballerina Botanicals and Organic Skincare: https://www.ballerinabotanicals.com/

Facebook: @BallerinaBotanicals

Instagram: @Michaeleneaballerina


Bound to be Creative: https://boundtobecreative.com/

Facebook: @boundtobecreativeshop

Instagram: @boundtobecreative


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