Destination Medical Center

Episode 51: Chris Schad and Byolincs

This week on the podcast we discuss a recent Byolincs “Meet the Expert” event with Chris Schad, Senior Strategy Consultant at Mayo Clinic. Byolincs is a community group dedicated to training and educating entrepreneurially-minded scientists and medical professionals that meets bi-weekly within Mayo Clinic. At the most recent event, Chris Schad spoke about Destination Medical Center (DMC)- a 20-year economic development initiative to transform Rochester into a destination medical city- the first new building in the life science-focused Discovery Square DMC subdistrict, and availability of wet lab space for emerging biotech startups in the city.

Episode 34: Looking Towards the Future- Entrepreneurship in Rochester

This week on the podcast, we sit back and talk about the future of entrepreneurship in Rochester. Developments in the city are expected to come to life this year under Destination Medical Center (DMC), a twenty-year economic initiative to make Rochester a destination medical city. But where do entrepreneurs fit into this picture? A recent ranking by and Entrepreneur magazine listed Rochester as one of the top ten small to mid-sized cities for entrepreneurs in the United States. But when you speak to entrepreneurs in Rochester, you hear a different story. This week in the podcast, we talk about what metrics were used in this study and think about indicators that should be measured to examine cities favorable to entrepreneurs and startups.