Jan Hagenbrock

Episode 132: From the Edge with AJ, Jan, and Shanna


Today on the podcast we share our latest in the “From the Edge” podcast series where we sit down with different innovators in the community and talk about trends in entrepreneurship. This month we chat with Jan Hagenbrock, Founder of LiveAtom a business that helps small businesses grow through website development and lead generation, Shanna Lunasin, a nonprofit entrepreneur who also manages the MBA program at the University of Minnesota in Rochester, and AJ Montpetit, Founder of WRKSHOP, a healthcare marketing business. We talk about many topics on the podcast today including minimalism, over commitment, the basis of the 8-hour workday, and outcomes-based work. We had a great conversation on the show, so take some time to listen in!


Links from the podcast today:


Website: https://liveatom.com/

Facebook: @liveatomnow

Twitter: @LiveAtomNow


University of Minnesota-Rochester Labovitz MBA Program

Website: https://lsbe.d.umn.edu/mba-programs/rochester-mba

Shanna’s personal website: http://www.becauselovewins.com/



Website: http://www.wrkshop.com/

Twitter: @wrkshp_mn


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Episode 73: 'Should You Build Your Business in Stealth Mode?' with Chris Lukenbill and Jan Hagenbrock


This week on the podcast we sit down with local entrepreneurs Chris Lukenbill and Jan Hagenbrock and have a focused discussion about building a business in stealth mode. We talk about what stealth mode is in business development, why some businesses may build in this manner, and why some choose to grow their business outside of stealth mode. This was a great conversation today and hopefully the first of many focused debates on our podcast.

"The challenge that you're running into of going into stealth mode is that your only feedback is from this eco-chamber of people that think it's a good idea." -Chris Lukenbill

"When you [build a business] on your own, you waste your most precious resource, which is your time. You can't get that back." -Jan Hagenbrock