Janessa Nickell

Episode 122: From the Edge with Janessa Nickell and Tiffany Alexandria

Photo by AJ Montpetit.

Photo by AJ Montpetit.

Today we listen in to our latest in the “From the Edge” podcast series where we discuss current trends taking place in the entrepreneurial community. This week on the show we welcome Janessa Nickell and Tiffany Alexandria. Janessa is a business strategy consultant turned entrepreneur with the launch of her new self-care business Sacred Circle Community. Tiffany is a former window display designer turned content creator and food blogger. Tiffany currently runs the Taiwanese food blog CHOOCHOO-ca-CHEW. Today on the show we cover of variety of topics including a return to our authentic cooking roots, the changing food and food community scene in Rochester, the importance of shopping local, diversity and inclusion, gender gaps in entrepreneurship, and the value of inspiration capital.

Join us for this engaging talk as part of Women’s History Month 2019!


Links from the show:

Rochester Rising’s Mental Wellness: Goal Setting and Time Management Workshop https://www.facebook.com/events/575164749665204/

Sacred Circle Community

Website: https://www.sacredcirclecommunity.com/

Facebook: @sacredcircleconnect

Instagram: @sacredcirclecommunity



Website: https://choochoocachew.com/

Facebook: @choochoocachew

Instagram: @choochoocachew



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Episode 103: Janessa Nickell and Sacred Circle

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Today on the podcast we sit down with local entrepreneur Janessa Nickell and learn about her brand-new business Sacred Circle. Sacred Circle is a space for people to learn, connect, grow, and understand more about themselves through introspection and reflection. Today on the podcast we talk about:


·       The energy that Janessa sees in Rochester’s entrepreneurial community right now.

·       The need for authenticity and being able to form deeper connections with ourselves and with others.

·       The initial classes and programming offered by Sacred Circle.

·       What the transition from a long-term career to full-time entrepreneurship with Sacred Circle has been like.

·       Janessa’s personal mission with Sacred Circle, which was born to reduce major burnout in her own life and has resulted in a significant shift in her mind set over the past year.


“I’m encouraged to look around and see how people are willing to take risks and are willing to try something different and build something unique.” -Janessa Nickell, founder of Sacred Circle